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  • How To Prevent Accidents when Inflating Tires

    Verification of instruments to avoid excessive pressure during inflation:Adjust the compressor to the recommended pressure;Ensure that the manometer is in good working order;
    Check the airtightness of the valve;Correctly install the tire on a compatible rim

  • Smart accessories - carrying the load

    Many customers need shelves in their wheeled containers. Permanently attached shelves are great for heavy loads but once fitted cannot be repositioned to meet changing demands. Many opt for loose shelves but the main drawback is that they inevitably get lost which is both inconvenient and costly.

  • The Application of Automatic Warehouse

    Automated High-rise Warehouse (AS/RS), which is a key part of the whole process of logistic has been focused in recent years.
    Automatic pallet warehouses are used for the storage of large quantities of one item with a high throughput.

  • Roll containers are suitable for a number of jobs

    After years of design and development we have an extensive range of roll containers, which are suitable for a number of jobs. Here are 5 ways roll containers can help your business

  • New Pallet Program Better by Half

    By adopting pooled half-pallets, fun foods maker Jel Sert was able to:

    Eliminate product damage.
    Avoid releasing 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.
    Take nearly 130,000 pounds out of the solid waste stream.
    Improve product presentation in retail stores.

  • A Guide To Finding  Favored  Cage Pallet On The Market

    A cage pallet is an alternative method of storage for industrial premises such as a warehouse, similar to a pallet cage. However, because it doesn’t require a pallet to form the base, they can actually be used anywhere if storage is a little tight. There are many different types of cage with different capabilities, sizes and materials, therefore we thought it would be a good idea ungroup them as ‘cage pallets’ and point out their differences.

  • Points to consider before buying industrial shelving

    For large goods such as shelving, it’s usually much less stressful to figure out what exactly you require before you purchase. This is why we’ve come up with a checklist of points to consider before buying industrial shelving so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Huameilong heavy duty stillages & post pallets

    Huameilong has been designing, manufacturing and supplying heavy-duty metal pallets, stillages and bespoke storage solutions for nearly 25 years.

  • Carbon Steel Classification, Grades and Uses

    Low-carbon steel (C: ≤ 0.25%) Also known as mild steel, low-carbon steel is easy to accept various processes such as forging, welding and cutting,

  • What is powder coating finish?

    Powder coating is a surface treatment method in which plastic powder is sprayed onto a part. Spraying is also the electrostatic powder coating coating that we often talk about.

  • What is a cargo storage roll container

    It is often used for logistics distribution in large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory operations.

  • Huameilong Roll Cage Introduction

    Roll cages, or roll containers as they are commonly known, are ideal for handling large amounts of goods, products and stock.

  • HML Roll Containers - A logistical Choice

    Roll containers are half pallet-sized platforms, with four running castors and with a wire cage used to contain goods during transport.

  • Wire mesh decking description - Huameilong metal products

    For many material handling manufacturers or dealers, the most common product they’ll be offering is the wire deck. A distinctive feature of Huameilong Metal Products is the availability of custom options.

  • How to protect steel from corrosion?

    Steel is a proven durable and efficient building material that has been used since the Industrial Revolution. It is cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and strong. However, like all metals, steel corrodes when exposed to the atmosphere.

  • A Nesting Rack Saves Space

    A nesting rack is also called a nestainer, nestrack, nestable pallet, or nestable pallets. They can hold heavy loads (they are typically stacked in columns of 4 or 5 racks

  • How to care and store tyres when not be used

    It's a perennial issue with extra sets of tires: What's the best way to store them when they are not being used? Many people store tires improperly, and this can often shorten the life of your tires.

  • All you Need to Know About Different Kinds of Stillage Container

    Before we use any kind of storage container or cage in our warehouse it is good to know about it. Understanding the basic functionalities, uses and benefits helps in exhibiting better use of the particular storage container.

  • How To Use Storage Cage Safely

    What aspects should we pay attention to when using the storage cage?

  • Three Points That Must Be Considered When Choosing Wire containers

    What factors should be paid attention to when purchasing storage wire containers? Do you know all this?

  • Eight Advantages Of Folding Wire Mesh Container

    As a logistics container, the wire mesh container plays a huge role in storage.

  • Ten Designs About Wire Mesh Containers

    The designs of the wire mesh storage container are diverse. Common designs include wheels, top cover, pp sheet, etc., as well as some special designs that customers will customize. Do you know what?

  • Comparison of Steel Pallet and Wooden Pallet and Plastic Pallet

    Do you know the difference between steel pallets, plastic pallets and wooden pallets?